Powder Eye Shadow

IDR 70.000

Shine together with your enchanting eyes with a touch of pearlized powder eye shadow. Intense color, soft, easily blended, adheres to the skin and long lasting.


Available in 14 colors:
Sparkling purple, Purple Breeze, Rockin’ Blue, Green Lime, Squash Delight, Bronze Fuzz, Gold Knight, Golden Attack, Stunning Berry, Red Seduction, Frozen Pink, Angelic Pink, Holy Ice, Adorably White

Vitamin E as antioxidant and skin conditioning

Apply and spread onto eyelids using eye shadow brush or finger. For best result, use serum/base/foundation before application.

Sheer Powder Eye Shadow after Trivia Eye Shadow perfects eye makeup

Powder eye shadow are sold by weight not volume, could appear to be less than full.