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If anything these recent years’ makeup trend has been all about is the beauty of
highlighting and contouring. When done correctly, this makeup technique will
enhance the entire look by only a few easy steps.

For highlighting, it is important to remember only to accentuate the areas of the
face that would naturally catch the light; therefore, the prominences of the face
(bone structures that are higher than other areas).

Here are the simple steps to dare yourself on how much glow you want to rock.
Step 1: Moisturize
Before anything else, prep, prime and moisturize are the key to achieve the glow.
Even for oily skin, moisturizing is still necessary.

Step 2: Find the correct highlighter
Some of the most common problems in highlighting is people are afraid to look
too oily or too wet. With a suitable highlighter, this won’t be a problem. Try
something safe – a powder-based product – such as Make Over Riche Glow Face
Highlighter, which will bring perfect glow while controlling oil and shine. Plus, its
gorgeous shade universally fits any skin tone flawlessly.

Step 3: Focusing on the center
To instantly illuminate the complexion and add sheen, apply the highlighter with
a small fluffy brush along the bridge of the nose until between the eyebrows.

Step 4: A perfect pout
Bring attention more to the center by applying striking lipstick color, such as
Make Over Melted Metallic Lip Cream in shade 303 Celestial. Complete the look by
applying more highlighter at the lip’s Cupid’s bow and the center of the chin.

Step 5: Escalate the glow
Achieve the whole fresh, radiating look by emphasizing the cheekbones. The
combination of blush and highlighter can frame the face structure even without a
contour. After blush, apply highlighter on tops of cheekbones: from just beneath
center of eye socket diagonally towards hairline. Never apply it below the

Step 6: The highlighting pro
Enrich the look further by applying highlighter along the brow bones to the outer
corners of eyes. It can also be applied on the center of eyelid for a full dewy look.

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