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MakeOver - Beauty Beyond RulesMakeOver - Beauty Beyond Rules


The power of complexion mastery is now in your hands.

Make Over Powerstay Matte Powder Foundation,
with Soft Matte Perfection, transforms every skin into smooth artful visions.

Overcome the rules of time, by Longwear Flawless Finish formula that feels forever.
Compose every complexion dimension with Superb Oil Control touch.
Bend the speed of light under Light Refinement Particles command.

Embrace your destiny skin, with the power of perfection.
Make Over Powerstay Matte Powder Foundation, the power of complexion mastery.

WEB-BANNER_PRODUCT-560X690_MAKE-OVER-Powerstay-Matte-Powder-Foundation-C21-Pink-Ivory2.jpgWEB-BANNER_PRODUCT-560X690_MAKE-OVER-Powerstay-Matte-Powder-Foundation-C21-Pink-Ivory.jpgVIEW DETAILS
Powerstay Matte Powder Foundation
IDR 188K