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Born in the land where everyone seems to be blessed with perfect skin: South Korea, cushion compact has travelled around the globe and made its way as the revolutionary fun way to apply base makeup. As great as it is, not all of the formula in cushion is suitable for everyone. Sure, it promises a dewy, glowing skin, but it sometimes leads to an oil exacerbation. Or in another words, turn your face into an “oil factory”.

If you are blessed/cursed with oily skin type, it doesn’t mean an endgame for cushion compact forever. Because now Make Over has created Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion, answering all of your problems. Different with other cushion, it provides a demi-matte finish: a perfect balance between a matte and dewy finish. It has both oil control formula for the oily skin type and moisturizer to prevent the dry skin type from patching. It is even more perfect for those with combination skin.

Make Over Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion comes with a natural, medium-to-full coverage that won’t let you down for up to 12 hours. It helps the “oily skin warriors” to get through the daylong activities with its anti-pollution formula and UV filter of SPF 50/PA++++. It will keep your skin flawless either you are indoor all day or bask in the tropical sun.

Even though this product alone is enough, what’s the harm of adding extra beauty steps to enhance your look further? Here are our tips to combat oily skin from makeup disaster:

1. First, moisturize

It may seem useless to apply moisturizer on an already oily skin, right? But skipping this part can actually provoke skin to produce more oil. The key is to opt for a lightweight, water-based, non-comedogenic moisturizer such as Make Over Powerskin Water Charge Moisturizer. 

2. Oil-Free Primer

Before cushion application, try using primer – and choose the one with matte formula instead, such as Make Over Velvet Mattifying Primer. Not only blurs pores and controls oil production, its velvety matte finish can help base makeup to last longer.

3. Powder to Finish

To ensure an oil-free finish, lightly dust powder after cushion. Loose powder such as Make Over Powerstay Transparent Mattifying Powder works well to mattify and absorbs oil. It can also help setting the base makeup to last longer and get rid of unwanted shines all day.

4. Clean the puff

Last but not least, regularly clean the puff applicator. A too oily skin can cause the cushion blending looking streaky or patchy and a dirty applicator can worsen it much more. Thankfully, Make Over Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion’s puff applicator is built with antibacterial, waterproof formula; which will pickup a perfect amount of coverage. Even so, never forget to close the compact fully after use and clean the puff from a product build-up once every week or two.


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