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Whether you are a glam lady, makeup minimalist or somewhere in between, eye makeup is the one thing that can never be overlooked. With simple enhancements here and there, it will lift up your overall look instantly. If they say: eyes are the windows to the soul, then gorgeous eyes lead to a captivating soul.

With Make Over’s latest innovation Powerstay Eye Palette, you can have the eyes feature that catches attention. Here is why both Uptown Bae and Royal Rose will be your new go-to mainstay eyeshadow palettes.

1. Comes in 12 harmonious colors

Designed to be your new makeup best friend, these eye palettes come in a dozen of shades that complement one another. Whether you opt for Uptown Bae palette – which radiates fresh summer vibe in orange, peach, brownish hues– or the elegant Royal Rose palette in more pink and purple hues, your eye makeup game will never be dull no more.

2. Has different finishes

Its micronized pigment powder formula is infused with ultra-fine pearl and glittering metallic so it creates multidimensional shades when applied together. It comprises matte, soft shimmer and glitter finish, all in one palette.

3. Easy to mix and match

Powerstay Eye Palette will boost your creativity and gives you freedom to express yourself. So if you are looking for a simple everyday look, a playful and fun look or even an intense classy look, these palettes will deliver. The possibility is only limited by your imagination!

4. Highly pigmented and easy to blend

It is formulated with high-impact colors that pop right up by only one swipe. More importantly, its cream-like texture blends easily – giving the perfect eyeshadow gradations. It also doesn’t leave kickbacks on the brush so it won’t fallout on your face.

5. Stays up to 12 hours without crease

Nothing is worse than a blotch eye makeup. Don’t worry, these palettes won’t let you down like so. Its formula attaches to the lid without gliding out of place within 12 hours of continuous wear. Even so, if you want to ensure your eyeshadow will hold all day, apply its perfect pairing: Powerstay Eyeshadow Primer first. Not only it will prevent crease and caking, this primer will maximize the eyeshadow color intensity and extend its wear for up to 8 hours.

6. All-in-one great brush

Eyeshadow brushes can be tricky and confusing, though they don’t have to be. These palettes’ two-sided, soft-to-the-touch brush is perfect to transfer the eyeshadow onto the lids. It flawlessly compromises different strokes for blending, buffing and working in the crease of the eye.

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Powerstay Eye Palette Royal Rose
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Powerstay Eye Palette Uptown Bae
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