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Coming from the Powerstay Series, this product right here will obviously fulfill your need of a long-lasting yet comfortable lips product. To celebrate its presence, please say welcome to our newest #MakeOverNewBae, Powerstay Vivid Waterlite Lip Stain!

Staying up to 12 hours, Powerstay Vivid Waterlite Lip Stain is the right choice for you who wants a lightweight texture on your lips and craving for a water-light lip stain that stay last though you’ve applied it several times throughout the day. With 8 vivid lively matte shades and color-fuse technology, Powerstay Vivid Waterlite Lip Stain is ready to bring you to another new level of lip stain’s intensity.

Interesting indeed, but you gotta be chill, Gorgeous. Before you bring it home, better be curious about the shades. You demand for the names? We give you more than names! Let’s check it out!

A01 Bumble

You love pink, but you love red, as well. And you love this lip stain, too!? Worry not, A01 Bumble is here for you to wear. With a hint of pink in this red shade, you’ll love how it blends beautifully on your lips, and when it stains, don’t be surprised on’ that adorable pinkish lips.

A02 Double Dare 

If wine is your favorite fancy drink, then we believe that you’ll love this one. With a hint of purple, A02 Double Dare is perfect for you. Try to pair it with eyeshadow colors from Make Over Eye Palette Royal Rose, and you’re ready to go!

A03 Kiss Bang

Uh oh.. Gotta attend some night outs but you don’t have time for touch ups? A03 Kiss Bang is your saviour, Gorgeous. This lip stain comes in deep red color, and obviously will transform your look to be stunning with less effort for the rest of the day.

A04 Corvette

We believe that having a perfect deep coral red lips color is something that you’ve been dreaming of. Shoutout for A04 Corvette! It’s ready to give you color realness and perfection to amp up your lips game throughout the day.

A05 Hot Miss

Demand for something pink and sweet for a movie date? A05 Hot Miss is the answer. Its pinkish color will bring you to the vibes of sweety date, and give you stain perfection after you drink and eat the snacks. No more worries about pale lips, because your hero is here!

A06 Passion


Just like its name, it’s for you who are passionate to look extra, Gorgeous! A06 Passion with its bright red color will bright up your day and make you photo-ready from day to night. Demand for bright and defined makeup look? Try wearing A06 Passion as your lip stain and give your face dimension using Make Over Face Contour Kit. Trust us, it works!



“Nobody sees what I see.. They're just hopelessly gazing..” remember John Mayer’s song, which title is “XO”? That’s what will happen to you when you wear this A07 XOXO, Gorgeous! Its orange-ish pink color will get you to be a center of attention, and get ready to be asked what lips product you're wearing!

A08 Plush


Are you that kind of person who loves nude colors in every occasion? Then this A08 Plush is the perfect lip stain for you. Needs more creation? No worries, make it ombre with A01 Bumble, and don’t be surprised with the beautiful result on your lips.

Still not satisfied with the descriptions and demand for swatches? Visit @makeoverid and @lippielust Instagram Page for swatches and details. 

Have a good day, Gorgeous! 

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Powerstay Vivid Waterlite Lip Stain
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