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Trying to ensure your foundation looks perfect as it did when you first applied it is a secret worth discovered. Tired of getting let down by your fading foundation when you are only halfway through your day? Not to worry anymore, there are simple tricks to guarantee your complexion will stay flawless from dawn to dusk.

1) Use a clever moisturizer

For a long-lasting makeup, prepping your skin is important. Always begin with a cleansed face and moisturize. Use the correct moisturizer that is fast absorbing, gentle to skin and soothing just like Make Over Powerskin Water Charge Moisturizer. With a Skin Activating System – containing Hyaluronic Acid and Adenosine, it will provide a clean canvas for complexion makeups to look fresh, plumped and dull-free all day.

2) All primed and proper

Primers are like the glue that holds everything in its place. Not only they seal in moisturizer, they also smoothen skin surface and keep your makeup from being absorbed, giving it a longer staying power. If you feel like your makeup always ‘slips off’, try an oil-free mineral primer like Make Over Velvet Mattifying Primer. This non-comedogenic primer will create an even-out skin texture in a velvety-smooth finish. It will blur large pores and fine lines as well as controls excessive sebum charge.

3) Pick a long-lasting foundation

If your previous foundation is disappointing, perhaps you haven’t tried Make Over Powerstay Weightless Liquid Foundation. It contains all the benefits you need for perfect complexion that stays all day.

A great foundation should be built with an oil-free formula, as for oil-based product will likely to make makeup slide out of place. This foundation is formulated with oil absorbent to soak up excess oils; resulting in a natural matte finish that lasts for up to 12 hours continuous wear.

Make Over Powerstay Weightless Liquid Foundation’s coverage is everything you need in a foundation. It has the covering power to hide out skin imperfections, and is buildable. When applying foundation, it is best to build thin layers of coverage rather than a single thick one. A thick layer is more prone to sliding off your face because it can’t adhere well to skin. Also, its lightweight formula will reduce makeup creasing and caking.

It contains Skin Conditioning Agent that will retain skin smoothness, suppleness and moisture, so your skin won’t be patchy. This foundation is also built with SPF 30 PA+++ to protect you from UV lights, as well as water and sweat resistant formulas. Outdoor activities won’t be your makeup meltdown drama anymore.

4) Set it with powder

For longevity, always seal your foundation with powder. A loose powder such as Make Over Powerstay Transparent Mattifying Powder is a great choice for setting. It will lock in your complexion makeups from sliding off, creasing or oxidize, helping it to last for 4 hours longer. Its Oil Control formula will keep away undesirable shines. It also has Optical Blur-Translucent Technology to add some soft matte finish – without looking flat. Focus the dusting on your T-zone and under-eye areas for a flawless look all day.

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