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1. Glowing skin from the get-go

The goal of complexion perfection– besides to amplify your natural beauty – is to achieve that glow-from-the-inside look. After all, a healthy-looking skin is what daily makeup is all about. If you have never try cushion before due to its finish, then Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion has the formula you have been looking for. It offers the most natural demi-matte finish. Meaning it gives the best benefit of a matte finish and glowing; a perfect balance of a healthy-looking complexion.

2. Less product waste, thus less makeup spending

Another common problem of a cushion makeup is it runs out pretty quickly. Here with Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion, this problem has been solved. This cushion comes with a great pairing of sponge puff applicator that won’t absorb the product. It transfers the product where it is supposed to be: on your skin, not on the applicator, so the product won’t be used up so abruptly. Plus, the applicator is antibacterial and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about germs pickup.

3. Perfect coverage for every need

The decisive reason why Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion is a game-changer in your makeup regiment is its coverage. It comes with medium coverage that is buildable to full coverage.

It is perfect for you who are looking for an everyday base makeup. Both for those who usually go bare-faced looking for some glow up and also for those who want a healthier substitution from foundation in daily use.

Its good-ranging variation of 6 different shades is also perfect for all skin color from fair, medium to tan. Its undertones are also designed to match every complexion.

4. Powerful 12 hours of continuous wear

What is a makeup for if it can’t stay flawless in place, especially in this day and age? That is why Make Over invents this complexion hero that actually stays all day. You won’t need much touchup throughout your activities.

Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion’s formula is also completed with antipollution system and UV filter with SPF 50/PA++++ to protect your skin wellbeing even when you spend a hefty time outdoor.

5. Oily skin or dry skin? No problem

If your previous cushion turned your face into an oilrig at the end of the day, perhaps its formula isn’t right for you. But foretelling whether a cushion will be oily or the complete opposite of drying out your skin can be confusing.

It is where Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion is different. It is formulated with oil control that will prevent excessive oil charge so your face won’t be too “wet” and combined with moisturizer so your skin won’t be patchy.

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Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion
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