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For an active makeup user, we believe that mastering eye makeup look is really a thing. Once you’re able to do that, your makeup will be more stunning than before. However, it’s not only the skills that will make your eye makeup perfect, but also the products.

What products? Good question, Gorgeous! Make Over Powerstay Eye Series products are exactly made for you who are craving for answers. Here we show it all to you.

1. Powerstay Eyeshadow Primer

Before you apply anything on your eyelids, make sure that you apply a good primer as your base. Why apply primer? Believe it or not, eye primer will make your eyeshadow set and make it last longer than it should actually be. Besides, it will amp up the real colors of your eyeshadow, make it more vibrant than without using any primers.

Interesting, right? The next question is, “what eye primer that’s good for me to use?”. It’s Powerstay Eyeshadow Primer, obviously. Its ability to extend the wear-period of your eyeshadow (up to 8 hours longer!) will make your eyeshadow last all day, besides, the Polymer Silicone Technology will fill the fine lines on your eyelids and create a smooth surface that will prevent your eyeshadow from creasing. Getting more interesting? Wait until you see the next product. 

2. Powerstay Eye Palette Royal Rose and Uptown Bae

Here they are. Down for the eye palettes that are undoubtedly perfect for your everyday eye makeup look? Powerstay Eye Palette in Royal Rose and Uptown Bae are your heroes. With its staying power that lasts up to 12 hours, Royal Rose and Uptown Bae is definitely your all-in-one eyeshadow palette, that provides all the colors you need for a stunning eye makeup look.


What kind of finish do you need? Shimmering finish? Matte finish? Glittery finish? We give it all to you, Gorgeous! In just one palette, Powerstay Eye Palette Royal Rose and Uptown Bae will level up your eye game to be the goddess of eye makeup look. Not so satisfied yet? Here you go. 

3. Powerstay Precision Liquid Liner

If you still don’t feel satisfied with the look, we presents you the product to frame your eyes, and make it look dramatic yet admirable. For you who are craving for an eyeliner with a precise applicator, Powerstay Precision Liquid Liner is the best choice. Its Superfine Flexible Brush will glides easily on your eyelids, and delivers a precise application, and results in thin, and accurate line.

Not only that, its QuickDry RubResist formula makes the eyeliner dry immediately, doesn’t settle into fine line, and resistant to smudging, making your eyeliner stays sharp for 12-hours long.

4. Powerstay Brow Definer Mascara 

To complete your look, you better frame your face with our Brow Definer Mascara, Gorgeous! Start your look with Brow Styler Eye Definer, and set it with our one and only Powerstay Brow Definer Mascara.


With FlexiCoat technology, Powerstay Brow Definer Mascara coats the brow strands evenly, and gets dry without making your eyebrows rigid. Not only that, but our beloved Powerstay Brow Definer Mascara also water-resistant and smudgeproof. Up for a challenge? Go swim on the nearest swimming pool in your town, and feel the staying power!

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Powerstay Brow Definer Mascara
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Powerstay Eye Palette Royal Rose
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Powerstay Eye Palette Uptown Bae
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