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Often overlooked, blush is actually the one makeup that can brighten up the whole look in an instant. The right shade of blush can freshen up your complexion, sharpen the cheekbones and, most importantly, make face more ‘alive’.

If you are the kind of person who won’t give a second thought to wear blush or has been traumatized by it due to a wrong color in the past, here you will find help. With Multifix Matte Blusher, Make Over offers the most flattering blush shades with the easiest of application.

Before getting to your perfect blush color, here are some key points why Make Over Multifix Matte Blusher is your trustworthy makeup savior that you won’t want to miss out:

1. Perfect formula for any skin type

It contains Powder Shifter Technology that immediately shifts creamy texture into velvety powder that melts right onto skin. Its natural matte finish is perfect on oily skin and won’t be ‘cakey’ on dry skin.

2. Easy to blend

Just tap it onto the apple of your cheek or along the cheekbones (depending on your face shape) and blend it with your fingertips. Using a damp beauty sponge is also recommended.

3. Won’t slide out of place

Blush is always applied after base makeup and sometimes it disturbs the coverage. With Make Over Multifix Matte Blusher, it won’t happen. It stays on where it needs to be without fading your base makeup away.

4. Long-lasting all day

Thanks to its texture and formula, it stays on your cheek throughout the day. You won’t have to worry of looking pale and dull at the end of your activities.

5. Natural, flushed-from-within look

Applied sheer or intense, this blusher will always give out healthy, naturally flushed look.

Available in 5 gorgeous shades, Make Over Multifix Matte Blusher is perfect for everyone. So, which ones are the best for you?

01 Rose Hour

Shade: muted pink with a hint of peach

Best for: medium to tan

This rose-pink shade of blush will lift up the whole complexion that tends to look sallow. On light skin, this shade will give an intense look.

02 Quickpinker

Shade: soft pink

Best for: fair to light

On the lighter skin color, this blush will look so natural that your face will appear brighter than ever.

03 Blush Rush

Shade: cool-toned bright pink

Best for: light to medium

This playful shade of pink will look freshly natural once blended. It is perfect for cool-toned skin for its pick-me-up effect.

04 Peach Flash

Shade: soft peach with a hint of pink

Best for: fair, light to medium

Peach is a can’t-go-wrong shade of blush. It will make fair and light skin glow and also give warmth to medium skin tone.

05 Heatshot

Shade: warm sun-kissed coral

Best for: light, medium to tan

This blush is basically suitable on any skin tone. It sculpts the cheekbones to perfection, give romantic warmth to skin and bring out a lively vibe.

The best thing about Make Over Multifix Matte Blusher is it can be applied gradually from sheer to intense depending on your needs.

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