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Mastering the art of makeup application is a skill worth learning. Before diving into the myriad of tricks and hacks available out there, let’s go back to the basic. One of the important makeup skills to have is a successful base makeup application technique. Anyone can simply buy makeups, but only the great makeup devotees can actually know how to use them effectively.

The secret to achieve a flawless coverage of base makeup is blending. Improperly layering the products can result either too much – causing a clown-like look – or too little, exposing the skin blemishes and dark spots. They can be avoided by selecting the correct product and tool. As it turns out, the easiest way to a proper blending technique is stippling.

What is stippling?

Whether you are a full-coverage foundation loyalist or a makeup minimalist who wants to amp up your coverage skill, the stippling technique is a perfect choice. There is no need to take a master class to ace this technique; all it takes is a great foundation and a right brush. Make Over Powerstay Weightless Liquid Foundation is the perfect product for it, as it is buildable, lightweight and long lasting. It gets the job done on covering your skin imperfections but natural in its finish and feel so it is becoming your “second skin”.

Stippling, as the name suggests, is to dab the foundation with a brush. Choose a brush with a blunt-ending, dense yet fine bristles, just like Make Over Flat Top Brush. Instead of swiping, dab the foundation with a light tapping motion all over the face then blend it by gently swirl it in small circles. This way, the foundation is placed onto the face in airbrushed, flawless finish. Perfectly covering skin blemishes, acne scars and uneven skin tones.

Why is stippling by brush better than a blending sponge?

A makeup is as good as its application. And if you are experiencing with difficulties on achieving the coverage you desire, may be it isn’t just the wrong foundation choice, perhaps the makeup tool you are using needs to be changed.

Here are the reasons why a good stippling brush is the only tool you ever need for perfect blending:

1. Brush creates a perfect coverage

It results in a flawless coverage with an airbrushed, non-streaking, natural finish. Meanwhile, sponge leaves in a sheer, minimal coverage.

2. It doesn’t soak up any of the product

Brush absorbs a least amount of product on their bristles, while sponge soaks it a lot. Therefore, brush transfers makeup onto face perfectly. So you are using less foundation but getting more coverage; your foundation won’t run out quickly.

3. Easier to clean

When stored properly, brush only needed to be cleaned once every week of two. It also only needs one cleanser for all of your brushes, not like sponge that requires a specific (and expensive) cleaning soap after every use.

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