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Though there hasn’t been any scientific proof on it, some of us believe astrology takes a great role in our daily lives. Zodiac signs can reveal deep insights into your personality, your strengths and your weaknesses – which will help you understand your unique characteristics further.

Bring out that shining personality of yours onto your makeup look and let it be your signature beauty.

Aries(March 21 – April 19):

Ambitious, eager, determined, confident and enthusiastic

Our recommendation:

Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion

For the passionate and quick-witted Aries, who seem to be always in a hurry, you need a ‘fast-acting’ makeup that matches your dynamic. This practical cushion will prep you to perfection in no time.


Taurus(April 20 – May 20):

Dependable, strong, practical, devoted and loves reassurance

Our recommendation:

Powerstay Transferproof Matte Lip Cream

Taurus needs a reliable yet practical makeup. Which product would be better than stunning colors on your lips? This smudge-resistant, transfer-proof and carefree-wear lip cream will be the security blanket in your hour of need.


Gemini(May 21 – June 20):

Expressive, adaptable, kind, eloquent and affectionate

Our recommendation:

Multifix Matte Blusher in any shade

Your witty and lively personality shines double when you have rosy cheeks completing your smile. No one can resist that Gemini-trademark youthful vibrant you bring at any situations you encounter.


Cancer(June 21 – July 22):

Intuitive, loyal, persuasive, sentimental and compassionate

Our recommendations:

Intense Matte Lip Cream best-selling shades (004 Vanity, 008 Libertine, 009 Posh, 011 Pompous, 013 Dainty)

When it comes to loyalty, Cancer compares to no others. Thus, you can also be very persuasive to those around you. Intense Matte Lip Cream’s best-selling shades are perfect for you to make people go: “I should get that lipstick of yours”.


Leo(July 23 – August 22):

Fiery, expansive knowledge, self-assured, warmhearted and generous

Our recommendation:

Powerstay Eye Palette in Royal Rose

For the Leo who likes to be in the spotlight, you need a makeup look that complements your beauty and fashion sense. With this palette of 12 vibrant colors, you can experiment on which look you want to express.


Virgo(August 23 – September 22):

Practical, gentle, analytical, hardworking, and perfectionist

Our recommendations:

Powerstay Weightless Liquid Foundation or Powerstay Matte Powder Foundation

All work and no play – there seem to be no room for error in your life. For those bothersome imperfections on your skin, let this perfect coverage foundation be your remedy. Stay flawless, Virgo!


Libra(September 23 – October 22):

Sociable, diplomatic, fair-minded, gracious and idealistic

Our recommendation:

Powerstay Vivid Waterlite Lip Stain

Wants to create balance, Libra needs a beauty product that harmonizes the whole look. The multifunctional lip stain can also be used on cheek and as eye shadow. Plus, one product for it all: perfect for the indecisive part of yours.


Scorpio(October 23 – November 21):

Passionate, courageous, powerful, magnetic and tenacious

Our recommendations:

Powerstay Precision Liquid Liner Jet Black or Hyperblack Superstay Liner

Let’s face it Scorpio, drama seems to follow you anywhere you go. Just like your daring and zealous flair, the sharp and bold dark eyeliner will be the one makeup look that signifies who you are.


Sagittarius(November 22 – December 21):

Optimistic, philosophical, straightforward, freedom-craving and good sense of humor

Our recommendations:

Multifix Matte Blusher in 05 Heatshot and Powerstay Total Cover Liquid Concealer

Wanderlust at heart, Sagittarius wouldn’t mind to have a ‘permanent’ sun-kissed look emblazoned your face. Top up that feeling of freedom a notch by getting your skin away from blemish first with this high-covering concealer.


Capricorn(December 22 – January 19):

Independent, disciplined, reserved, prudent and great self-control

Our recommendation:

Powerstay Fix & Matte Makeup Setting Spray

Don’t let your makeup be the reason that brings your otherwise perfect day down. With its power to hold your makeup stay flawless longer, your makeup will be dependable – just like Capricorn amongst your peers.


Aquarius(January 20 – February 18):

Original, intellectual, independent, uncompromising and good humanitarian

Our recommendation:

Brow Styler Eye Definer and Powerstay Brow Definer Mascara

Nothing can compromise a stunning set of eyebrows. Just like Aquarius who is genuine and inventive, these brow-defining products will be your honest day-to-day companions.


Pisces(February 19 – March 20):

Affectionate, empathetic, artistic, intuitive and selfless

Our recommendation:

Powerstay Eye Palette in Uptown Bae

The most perceptive of all the signs, Pisces is sensitive to all of the emotions surround you. But that what makes you a natural-born artist! Let your creative juices flow with this selection of 12 warming shades and escape out of your box.

WEB-BANNER_PRODUCT-560X690_hyperblack-liner2.jpgWEB-BANNER_PRODUCT-560X690_hyperblack-liner.jpgVIEW DETAILS
Hyperblack Superstay Liner
IDR 119K
WEB-BANNER_PRODUCT-560X690_MAKE-OVER-Powerstay-Matte-Powder-Foundation-C21-Pink-Ivory2.jpgWEB-BANNER_PRODUCT-560X690_MAKE-OVER-Powerstay-Matte-Powder-Foundation-C21-Pink-Ivory.jpgVIEW DETAILS
Powerstay Matte Powder Foundation
IDR 188K
Untitled_0024.pngUntitled_0023.pngVIEW DETAILS
IDR 165K
Multifix_03_Blush_Rush1.jpgMultifix_03_Blush_Rush.jpgVIEW DETAILS
IDR 125K
item_website_clique_cushion_0061.pngitem_website_clique_cushion_006.pngVIEW DETAILS
Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion
IDR 215K
total_cover_ES_0021.pngtotal_cover_ES_002.pngVIEW DETAILS
Powerstay Total Cover Liquid Concealer
eye_palette_website_0031.pngeye_palette_website_002.pngVIEW DETAILS
Powerstay Eye Palette Royal Rose
IDR 295K
transferproof_setting_spray_website_0011.pngtransferproof_setting_spray_website_001.pngVIEW DETAILS
Powerstay Transferproof Matte Lip Cream
IDR 120K