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The matte and gloss lipstick trend always have significant growth in the beauty industry. Adding up to our lipstick collections, we introduced the new 8 Colors of Intense Matte Lip Cream and new 6 Colors of Liquid Lip Color. Which one will soon be your #beautyweaponofchoice and #partnerincrime?

On October 11th, 2016, we invited our fellow makeup artists, beauty influencers and media to join 'Unveiling The Ultimate Weapon to Unleash Your Beauty Force' product launch event at 100 Eatery & Bar, Atlet Century Hotel Jakarta. 

Through experiencing directly the colors and texture of each products, friends can choose their own 'beauty weapon' from the series of Intense Matte Lip Cream and Liquid Lip Color to become their 'partner in crime'.  

“It's delighting that I could choose my own colors!” said Andra Alodita, Beauty Influencer, at her Instagram account (@alodita)